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James D'Angelo 教授


I was born in 1959 in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.  After working in local government from 1982 – 1985, I worked in business, with John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co. as a Systems Analyst from 1985 – 1994, before moving to Japan to teach in 1994.  I have now been in Japan for 16 years.

≪Educational Background≫

I received a BA. in Economics from Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, USA, an MBA with high honors from Boston University, and a Masters in Bilingual/ESL Studies from the University of Massachusetts.  I am currently enrolled in the Doctoral Program at in the School of Languages, North-West University, Vaal Triangle, South Africa.

≪Research Area≫

I am interested in educated varieties of English in Expanding Circle contexts, and in the role of English in curriculum development at the tertiary level in the Outer and Expanding Circles.  My doctoral work is on the synthesis of a new model that combines aspects  of WEs and EIL / English as a Lingua Franca for a new pedagogical paradigm that best fits the Japan context. I am part of the team building the ASEAN+3-based Asian Corpus of English (ACE) with Dr. Andy Kirkpatrick of Hong Kong Institute of Education, in charge of the Japan component.
What follows is a shortened version of my academic activity.

≪Book Chapters≫

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Paper delivered at 日本アジア英語学会全国大会 Kyoto Koka Woman's University, June 30, 2007.

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≪Edited Materials≫

1. Chukyo University Faculty Development Roundtable Series, 公開授業をめぐる相談会, November 2005.

2. Editor, (with G. French). PROCEEDINGS – First Annual Conference on World Englishes in the Classroom. Chukyo University. 2003.

≪Administrative Positions≫

Chair, Graduate Course, Chukyo University Department of World Englishes (beginning April 2010)

≪Academic Boards≫

Member of Editorial Board, Asian Englishes (Academic Journal) published by ALC Press, Inc., Tokyo.  Chief Editor, Nobuyuki Honna.

日本「アジア英語」学会理事会  -On board of directors of JAFAE, the Japan Associaton for Asian Englishes, effective April 2009.

≪Conference Organizer≫

IAWE 2006 Conference – Co-Chair.  Chukyo University, Nagoya, Japan.