Toward the Realization of Peaceful International Society

The people of the world are experiencing deep grief and intense anxiety regarding the cruel war in Ukraine. We cannot tolerate violation of national sovereignty and widespread abuse of human rights by military powers.

Chukyo University and Chukyo University Senior High School fervently hope for the immediate peaceful resolution of the war. UMEMURA Educational institutions upholds "Excellence in both Learning and Sports" as its founding spirit. To embody this spirit, we stipulate Four Principles of Action. The principles include "Follow the rules" and "Respect others." We condemn any behavior which goes against these principles.

Chukyo University and Chukyo University Senior High School will continue our steadfast contribution to realizing a peaceful international world and make every endeavor for the students and staff to continue to study freely and safely regardless of their race and nationality.   

UMEMURA Kiyohide
Chancellor and Chairman, Board of Trustees,
UMEMURA Educational Institutions
and President of Chukyo University

ITO Masao
Principal,Chukyo University Senior High School


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