School of Economics

Medium of instruction: Japanese
Language requirement: N2 level in Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)
Location: Nagoya campus

Overview of the School of Economics

Students of the specialized course can develop expertise in a phased manner and effectively acquire expert knowledge in accordance with their career plans.
The Introduction Seminar, with a capacity of about 20 seats, is offered for first-year students and provides support for small-group education and students' college life.
The "EXP" program enables selected students to obtain the generic skills* required to become economic leaders and provides career support for gaining employment in leading companies in various industries.
*The term "generic skills" refers to versatile abilities useful in various occupations and including creative and flexible thinking, independence, group skills, communication skills, logical thinking, leadership, and self-management skills.

Features of the School of Economics

Department of Contemporary Economics

Three Extensive Specialized Subjects Available for Students According to Their Career Plans

Economic Analysis

In addition to the basic theories of macroeconomics and microeconomics, students are expected to be equipped with the knowledge and techniques necessary for observation and analysis of economic data.
[Gaining employment with financial institutions and leading companies in various industries]


This field of study comprises several course subjects that cover topics such as financial administration, finance, environment, social security, education, and culture, thereby allowing students to gain broader and deeper knowledge regarding policy issues.
[Becoming high-ranking public officials or gaining employment with NPOs and NGOs]

International Economy

While gaining an overview of global economic history and the latest economic trends, students also learn about international economics in a systematic manner from the perspectives of both international trade and international finance.
[Gaining employment with trading companies, manufacturers, foreign companies, etc.]

Executive Program (EXP)
School of Economics Executive Program

The Economics Executive Program (EXP) is a program specific to the School of Economics, which was intended to develop human resources that are capable of fully utilizing their skills as company executives or high-ranking public officials. Active consultants provide lectures regarding the latest business information and other relevant topics, thereby enabling students to learn business skills and manners practically. We also provide detailed career support tailored to the needs of individual students.

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