School of International Liberal Studies(recruiting stopped)

Department of International Liberal Studies

English-based Degree Program: N/A
Location: Nagoya Campus

Reorganized from the Faculty of Liberal Arts in April 2008, the School of International Liberal Studies (ILS) aims to foster students who will be able to contribute to greater understanding and interaction between nations.
In order to achieve this goal, ILS offers to its students a unique program that focuses on two key areas: Languages and Humanities and Social Sciences. ILS helps its students develop proficiency in two foreign languages: one major language (French, Spanish, German, Russian or Chinese) and English.
ILS also offers a wide range of courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences to objectives complement traditional focus on liberal arts education for all students across departments. ILS is the faculty responsible for all foreign language education and physical education at the university.

Language learning in small classes

In order to facilitate language learning, class size is kept small for the first and second year students. Furthermore, native English speakers and Japanese teachers work together to develop the curriculum and help students to prepare for language proficiency tests such as the TOEIC.

A variety of subjects to establish a fuller perspective

In addition to second-language acquisition, an interdisciplinary curriculum is provided to help students to gain knowledge and cultivation to support their language skills. The subjects include:

  1. Language and Culture: Studies in linguistic system and cultures across linguistic areas
  2. History and Culture: Studies in cultural history to promote historical awareness, a basis of international understanding based on world history
  3. Philosophy and Culture: Studies in critical thinking that broaden one's understanding; and
  4. International Relations: Studies in international issues to find solutions to problems through dialogue and discussion.

In their second year, students choose one seminar focusing on an area of their interest. In the fourth year, they write a graduation (BA) thesis on their research theme.

Study Abroad

All those ILS students who satisfy the requirements are eligible for a one-semester study abroad program in the country where their major language is spoken (credits will be transferred). Destinations include: the University of Rennes (France), the University of Zaragoza (Spain), the University of Marburg (Germany), Saint Petersburg State University (Russia), and Shanghai University and Soochow University (China). Also, students are eligible for foreign exchange programs, semester study-abroad programs and short-term overseas-study programs hosted by the International Center (credit transfers available).

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