Privacy Policy

Basic Private Information Protection Policy

Devised on April 1, 2005

Umemura Group of Educational Institutions, an incorporated school (hereinafter referred to as 'the school'), recognizes the importance of private information protection and has thus devised a basic policy provided below as an effort to protect the private information of everyone related to the school, including students, pupils, kindergarten children, and the teaching staff.

1. Acquisition of private information

The school makes the purpose for using private information as specific as possible and acquires only the necessary information.

2. Use of private information

The school will use the private information acquired within the specified purpose and only where necessary for administrative purposes.

3. Provision of private information to third parties

Except for particular cases as regulated by law, the school will not share the acquired private information with any third party without obtaining prior consent.

4. Management of private information

The school makes efforts to adequately manage private information by assigning a Private Information Administrator to the division responsible for managing private information. In addition, by implementing safety measures such as the information security measure, efforts are also being made to prevent the loss, damage, falsification, or leak of private information, as well as illegal access to private information.

5. Outsourcing that includes the handling of private information

In case the need arises to outsource an external entity for tasks that includes the handling of acquired private information, the school will conduct adequate instructions and administration, such as making it compulsory for them to implement necessary measures for the safekeeping of the private information.

6. Disclosure, revision, and deletion of private information

Should any person (or guardian) wish to have their private information be disclosed, revised, or deleted, the school will respect such wish and respond accordingly.