Japanese Language and Culture Classes

Japanese Language Classes

For students who wish to take Japanese Language Course and for classes taught in Japanese need to pass Chukyo's Language proficiency Test after arrival. (Orientation Week)
*The minimum level of Japanese class is equivalent to JLPT N5 or above.

Course Title Credits Semester
College-level Japanese Language I A, II A, III A, IV A 1 (each) Spring
College-level Japanese Language I B, II B, III B, IV B 1 (each) Fall
Advanced Japanese Language I A, I C, II A, II C 2 (each) Spring
Advanced Japanese Language I B, I D, II B, II D 2 (each) Fall
Japanese Affairs I A, II A, III A 2 (each) Spring
Japanese Affairs I B, II B, III B 2 (each) Fall
Japanese Language I A, I B, I C, I D 2 (each) Spring
Japanese Language I E, I F, I G, I H 2 (each) Fall
Japanese Language II A, II B, II C, II D 2 (each) Spring
Japanese Language II E, II F, II G, II H 2 (each) Fall
Japanese Language III A, III B, III C, III D 2 (each) Spring
Japanese Language III E, III F, III G, III H 2 (each) Fall
Japanese Language IV A, IV B, IV C, IV D 2 (each) Spring
Japanese Language IV E, IV F, IV G, IV H 2 (each) Fall
Japanese Culture and Society A 2 Spring・Fall
Japanese Culture and Society B 2 Fall
Japanese Language

While reviewing the acquired basic grammatical knowledge, this course is designed to practice "reading/writing/listening/speaking" to master the basics of academic Japanese. Also, you will be learning Japanese writing styles and honorific expressions to be able to use them according to certain situations. In this course, special emphasis is given to deepen the understanding of Japanese culture and to gain knowledge of Japanese.

Advanced Japanese Language

In this course, you will be learning various Japanese expressions. We strongly recommend this course to the students who struggle with grammar, speaking , and who are planning to take a certification exam such as Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).
Also, please note that "Comprehensive Japanese Language IA" and "Comprehensive Japanese Language IC" will use the same textbook, and will be held consecutively. Please remember to enroll in this course together with "Comprehensive Japanese Language IC."

College-level Japanese Language

This course aims to develop Japanese skills and students are required to attend lectures at the university.
Attending lectures requires different kinds of language abilities. Not only to listen to the lectures, but also to give presentations at seminars, participate in discussions, and conduct interviews for researches. In this course, you will be learning various skills required for university classes and how to participate in classes using these skills.
To take this course, comprehensive Japanese skills are required. If you are not confident with your Japanese skills, please take "Comprehensive Japanese Language" courses as well. Also, the content of this course is linked to the "College-level Japanese Language B, C, D" courses. Each textbook may sometimes be used in other courses. You should take all these courses during your freshman year without taking them separately in different years. The content of a class may vary according to the Japanese skills of the students who take the course.

Japanese Culture Classes

We have Japanese Culture Classes for Exchange Students. These classes aim to increase understanding of Japanese traditional culture.

Japanese Culture and Society

The main theme of this class is to view contemporary Japan through studying current issues. The topics are such social phenomenon as the boom of "marriage activities (spouse hunting)," the increase of agency temps, and the widespread of bullying, and so on. We will also discuss political issues such as the controversy concerning the national right of collective self-defense, and the nation's responsibility in the Asia- Pacific War. The aim is to observe our society from a critical standpoint, not to offer a favorable introduction.

Comparative Cultural Studies

Japan located east of an Asian continent has formed the culture and the art by absorbing a variety of continental cultures. Moreover, Japan worked on the intake of the West civilization in passion in recent times, suited it in Japan, and achieved the modernization of the society in a short term. In addition, various popular cultures and the arts opened on the base of such a modernization effloresce in postwar Japan. This course seeks to account historically for the culture and the art of traditional Japan, which was formed by the exchange with an Asia continent in the first half and seeks to account for a cultural, artistic result accomplished through the negotiation with the West civilization in modern Japan, and the development and the present situation of popular culture that became active in postwar Japan in the latter half.