School of Psychology

School of Psychology

Department of Psychology

As the first school of psychology in Japan, the School of Psychology at Chukyo University was founded as a result of reformation of the Department of Psychology in the School of Letters in 2000.
The School consists of one department, Department of Psychology. The reasons for having one department is to give students the opportunity to study the various aspects of psychology, while at the same time designing a curriculum to move on to the area of interest as students advance in their studies. The School of Psychology has continuously responded to the demands of modern society, which is referred to as the "age of the mind" by adhering to comprehensive education and research in the four main fields of psychology; basic, applied, clinical and developmental.

A solid foundation through the overall study of psychology during the first and second years

Education in the fundamentals of psychology, as well as liberal arts and language education, is emphasized in the first two years. Students take "Psychology" from the general education curriculum and "Introductory Psychology", a required subject for the department, to lay the groundwork for the study of psychology, so that students may proceed into the field of their choice.
The curriculum for first- and second-year psychology students is designed to build foundations for future studies and heighten interest in psychology. Some of the courses include Various Areas of Modern Psychology, Statistics for Psychology, and Seminar on Data Processing for Psychology.

A specialized curriculum made up of diversified courses

With the transition to the semester system, the majority of courses have been converted to two-credit semester courses. In addition to the previous curriculum, courses, Reading Psychological Articles Seminars are added, and Seminar on Data Processing for Psychology has been placed in the first- and second-year curriculum. Second- and third-year students are required to take the following introductory courses: Experimental Psychology, Applied Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Developmental Psychology.
In addition to classes specific to the basic, applied, clinical and developmental subject areas, the school provides opportunities to learn not only through lectures but also through practical training and experiments for third- and fourth-year students. Further, students learn research methods in courses such as Psychology Measurements, Psychological Assessment, and Psychological Data Analysis. The developmental psychology curriculum was added when the School was founded, consisting of present-day topics such as Developmental Psychology for Parent and Child, and Life-span Developmental Psychology. Fieldwork training, which was previously not included in the undergraduate curriculum, covers the areas of Clinical Psychology Fieldwork Training at specially designated guidance classrooms, where children with difficulty adapting to school are being prepared for return to school, and Applied Psychology Training, which include study trips to worksites.

Venture overseas

The School of Psychology has a new program that enables students to study psychology for three weeks at Griffith University in Australia. Students who have taken advantage of this program often choose to participate in other study abroad programs through several academic student exchange agreements with overseas universities, and some students choose to continue their education at graduate schools in the US after completing undergraduate studies.

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