Program Expenses

Tuition Fees

As long as you pay the tuition fee at you home institution, the tuition fee is waived at Chukyo University.


Chukyo University Scholarship for Foreign Students

Chukyo University Scholarship is available for those with excellent academic records.
Students will be provided 45,000 yen per month.

Health Insurance

For Students from Bilateral Partner

We require all the exchange students to enroll in ①the National Health Insurance* in Japan and in ②an overseas travel insurance program (including health benefit). For the latter, you can choose to enroll in Chukyo Insurance or to subscribe your own insurance in your home country. If you choose this second option and arrange one by yourself, please make sure that your insurance is equivalent to the coverage of "Chukyo Insurance". Please keep in mind that the minimum requirement for your health insurance coverage is 30,000,000 JPY for Injury Death and Injury Permanent Disability, while the minimum for Rescuer's Expenses is 3,000,000 JPY.

For ISEP students

The enrollment to the National Health Insurance (NHI) is mandatory. You will enroll in it at the ward office during Orientation Week when you go there with the tutor students and the IC personnel for your resident registration.

*National Health Insurance

*National Health Insurance is administered by municipal offices. All students MUST enroll in the National Health Insurance, administered by the ward office in Japan, regardless of choice of travel/health insurance coverage. When an insured individual member receives medical care at a medical institution, 70% for of the medical expenses will be paid by the insurance. The premium is approximately 2,000 JPY per month.

Exchange Program at Chukyo University


All exchange students are welcomed to study at Chukyo University. If you are insterested in studying Japanese, you will need to pass the test called "Chukyo University Japanese Language Proficiency Test" after arrival.(The pass line is JLPTN5 level or above).

How to apply

We are recruiting exchange students from our affiliated universities and ISEP. Please complete application form and return to us before the deadline. It is important to be sure to confirm the application form and the deadline for your affiliated universities or ISEP program.

After you apply

If your applications is successful, we will send the "Letter of Acceptance" and the "Application for Certificate of Eligibility(CoE)" to the coordinator of your home institution. Students are required to complete the application for CoE and apply for the visa called "college student visa" immediately

College Student (Ryuugaku) Visa

The international Center will apply for the Certificate of Eligibility at the Nagoya Immigration Bureau after you submit the "Application for Certificate of Eligibility" to us. It generally takes from two weeks to one month to receive the certificate if the application goes smoothly. If your application has been successful, we will send the certificate by post mail to your coordinator. Then, you will need to go to nearest Japanese consulate office or embassy with CoE for visa application.