School of Global Studies

For all except major in Global Liberal Studies (GLS),
Medium of instruction: Japanese
Language requirement: N2 level in Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)
Location: Nagoya campus

For major in Global Liberal Studies (GLS) only,
Medium of instruction: English
Language requirement: CEFR(English)B2 level or higher
Location: Nagoya campus

Overview of the School of Global Studies

Students of this department acquire practical and academic English language competency through small-group, ability-based classes of 540 minutes per week and the required semester-long overseas study program. *Not applicable to GLS Major.
The Second Language Learning Program helps students become professionals capable of using multiple languages and participating actively and flexibly in diverse societies.
[Second Languages Offered] French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Korean
(Students select one language. Eligibility for the courses may be granted only to selected students as deemed necessary.)

The cross-sectoral learning program allows students to take courses in two academic departments and gain deeper understanding of multiple areas of expertise.
The Honors Program (multiple-major system) allows selected students to take multiple seminars relevant to their future careers.
The Academic Adviser System pairs first- and second-year students with faculty members who each provide about 10 students with advisory assistance such as academic counseling and career support.

Features of the School of Global Studies

Department of Global Studies

Developing Genuine Global Leaders We Need in Today's World

Major in International Human Studies

- Concentration in Philosophical Anthropology
- Concentration in Global History
Students in this program learn the humanities and acquire real knowledge and empathy to gain deeper insights into human diversity in the modern age of drastic social and environmental change.
[Keywords for Learning]
Contemporary philosophy, Human mind and AI, Theory of justice, Nationalism, Western history, History of religions

Major in International Economics

- Concentration in International Economics
- Concentration in International Business Studies
This program provides an opportunity for students to learn economics and business administration and become professionals capable of addressing economic and business challenges among countries and regions as well as playing an active role on the international stage.
[Keywords for Learning]
Macroeconomics/Microeconomics, Financial theories, International trade theories, Finance, Marketing, Multinational enterprises

Major in International Politics

- Concentration in International Politics
- Concentration in International Development Studies
This program is intended for students who aspire to work for government agencies, international organizations, or NGOs. The curriculum allows students to become acquainted with the current trends in, and solutions for, international politics and the international community.
[Keywords for Learning]
International relations, History of diplomacy, International cooperation, Poverty and refugees, International organizations, Environmental policies

Major in Global Liberal Studies (GLS)

- Concentration in Global Liberal Studies (GLS)
Global Liberal Studies (GLS) is an interdisciplinary major that helps students acquire the broad skills and knowledge of the social sciences and humanities needed to become independent thinkers, lifelong learners, and responsible global citizens in a rapidly changing world.
*Students who enter the major must already have English as their first or second language as a foundation for their continued successful study in the program.
[Keywords for Learning]
Culture, Environment, Media, Economy, Issues, Society

Department of Linguistics and Cultural Studies
Major in Plurilingual & Pluricultural Studies

- Concentration in Linguistics
- Concentration in Intercultural Communication
This program helps students develop the ability to use multiple languages and understand several cultures so that they can navigate multilingual and multicultural societies.
[Keywords for Learning]
English and one more foreign language, Translation/interpretation, Language acquisition/learning, Syntax/phonetics, Media culture, Cross-cultural understanding

Major in British and American Studies

- Concentration in English Linguistics and Education
- Concentration in English Literature and Culture
This program offers an opportunity to acquire profound understanding of the diversity of languages, literature, and cultures of English-speaking countries. Students will be equipped with advanced, professional English language competency and the analytical thinking skills required in the international community.
[Keywords for Learning]
English education, Professional English, Critical reading, Literature and cultures in English-speaking countries, Practical English, Film theory