School of World Englishes(recruiting stopped)

English-based Degree Program: N/A
Location: Nagoya Campus

School of World Englishes

The School of World Englishes, inaugurated in April 2002 as the tenth school in Chukyo University, has a curriculum that emphasizes communication in order to learn from and contribute to the world by making full use of English, a language commonly used throughout the world.
The primary educational goal of the Department of World Englishes is to help students become educated speakers of English, deepen their understanding of different cultures and instill international awareness; whereas the primary goal of the Department of British and American Cultural Studies is to improve cultural understanding in English-speaking countries, as well as improve proficiency in the English language. The School of World Englishes concentrates on student-oriented classes with a program formulated from the students' standpoint.

Department of World Englishes

The Department of World Englishes is composed of three major course groups.
The first group comprises subjects related to English language skills, offering diverse English classes focusing on developing active English skills, IT literacy, media and business English, and English proficiency in other specialized fields.
The second group comprises subjects related to cross-cultural understanding and is designed to develop students' abilities to communicate across cultures through the medium of English language without causing misunderstanding. Classes include comparative culture, international community study, Asian-English studies, Japanese language teaching methods, and there is an exchange program for study at various universities overseas.
The third group is overseas training. Overseas study in Singapore in the first year and in English-speaking countries (chosen from Boston or Hawaii in the US or Australia) in the second year is compulsory for students in this department. The department offers an Overseas Business Study program in the US to help students build their careers after graduation.
In our effort to afford the best possible learning environment to our students, we have created a peer support system and English Learning Support Wing, a facility where English speakers are residing at all times to allow students to experience an English language-based atmosphere.

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