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Academic Courses taught in English

The list of courses in English for the Academic Year 2017 (April 2017 - January 2018). More courses may be added prior to the beginning of the school year or for the Academic Year 2018.

School of World Englishes
Course TitlesProfessors' NamesCreditsSemester
American Literature A ARMSTRONG, Christopher 2 Spring
Introduction to American Studies ARMSTRONG, Christopher 2 Spring
Introduction to Canadian Cultural Studies I/II (Seminar) ARMSTRONG, Christopher 2 Spring/Fall
Canadian Literary and Cultural Studies (Seminar) ARMSTRONG, Christopher 2 Spring/Fall
Film and Literature in Canada (Seminar) BEARDWELL, Julia 2 Spring
Women's History BOULANGER, Maureen 2 Fall
World's Fairs in North America (Seminar) BOULANGER, Maureen 2 Spring/Fall
Introduction to Sports and Society II (Seminar) BOULANGER, Maureen 2 Fall
Canadian Women's History (Seminar) BOULANGER, Maureen 2 Spring
GLOBAL "HOT SPOTS": Culture, Race, Religion, & Territory D'ANGELO, James 2 Spring/Fall
Language Variation D'ANGELO, James 2 Fall
Language and Culture D'ANGELO, James 2 Spring
Global Economic Trends D'ANGELO, James 2 Fall
New Management Trends D'ANGELO, James 2 Spring
British Social History DAVIES, Alun 2 Spring
British Studies DAVIES, Alun 2 Fall
Popular Music and UK Culture and Society DAVIES, Alun 2 Fall
British Cultural Studies III-IV (Seminar) DAVIES, Alun 2 Spring/Fall
USA abroad I/II (Seminar) MORRISON, Richard 2 Spring/Fall
History of Cultural Exchange I/II: Intercultural Communication MULLER, Sophie 2 Spring/Fall
Media Literacy I/II MULLER, Sophie 2 Spring/Fall
Person-Centered Approach Semina I/II MULLER, Sophie 2 Spring/Fall
Phillippine Culuter and Current Issues (Seminar) PALISADA, Eloisa 2 Spring/Fall
Introduction to Studies in the English - Speaking World PICCOLO, Anthony 2 Spring
Studies in the English - Speaking World PICCOLO, Anthony 2 Fall
Literatures of the English - Speaking World PICCOLO, Anthony 2 Fall
Introduction to Irish Studies I/II (Seminar) PICCOLO, Anthony 2 Spring/Fall
Comparative Cultural Studies I/II TAAGUCHI, Tomohiro 2 Spring/Fall
American Social History WACHOLTZ, Terry 2 Spring
Ameriacn Studies WACHOLTZ, Terry 2 Fall
Current Topics I/II YASUDA, Karen 2 Spring/Fall
School of International Liberal Studies
Introduction to Africa (English Seminar A) TSURUTA, Aya 2 Spring
Understanding the Cold War (English Seminar B) TSURUTA, Aya 2 Spring/Fall
Contenporary Global Issues (EnglishStudies III) KIMOTO, Takeshi 2 Fall
School of Management
International Business (Intercultural Communication I) Richard, HARRIS 2 Spring
Problem Finding and Solving Activity (Intercultural Communication II) Richard, HARRIS 2 Fall
Introduction International Business (Project Research A) KAWABATA, Yuki 2 Spring
School of Health and Sport Sciences
Sports Ethics (Seminar) KONDO, Yoshitaka 2 Spring/Fall
Sports Management (Seminar) KIKUCHI, Hideo 2 Spring/Fall
Sports Biomechanics (Seminar) SAKURAI, Shinji 2 Spring/Fall

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