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  • For interviewing and photographing (including YouTube and other social media) on the premises of Chukyo University, explicit permission from the Public Relations Division is required.
  • The use of movies and photographs related to Chukyo University is permitted only for contents related to its education, research and sports.
  • Please refer to "Information disclosure" for the number of students and faculty members, and to "Educational research activity database" for teachers' research information.
  • Please apply a week in advance as it may take some time to make arrangements for the interview with the department, faculty or staff.
  • The entered content may be transferred directly to faculty members and related staff.
  • Applications received on hoidays will be processed on the next business day.
    Also, we may not be able to respond during the entrance examination period. (Please refer to NetCampus for the entrance examination period dates)

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Chapter 1. Outline of Interview

  Preferred date  
  Name and date of publication or broadcasting
  Will the interviewing and photographing take place on the premises of Chukyo University?
  Contents, purpose, questions and method of interview
  Interview proposal

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  In case of visiting, the number of your staff people (Please enter in the range of 0 to 10.)

Chapter 2. Application information Contact person information

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